Roof Replacement Contractors

Don’t become a statistic!

Clydeside Roofing was founded on one basic principle. Focus on helping people solve their roofing problems. This sounds elementary. But if it is, why do so many homeowners have so many bad contractor experiences?

Buying a contracting service is not like buying a finished product. A finished product like a car or a computer is usually constructed in a factory somewhere. A construction project gets constructed on your home, or in your home. Since homeowners would not be buying a contracting service if they were contractors for a living it is safe to assume that they are relying on the contractor to be “The Professional”.

What the Central Washington homeowner does not consider is that there is no formal training for most contracting trades. No training for design, specifications, installation, or most importantly how to run a business. Many times re roofing and roof replacements occur due to putting off needed roof maintenance and/or roof damage from wind.

A recent survey showed that only 56% of people who get roofing work done would refer their roofing contractor to anyone. So what can you do? Below is a list of criteria recommended by the National Roofing Contractors Association.

The following guidelines will help in your decision:

  • Check for a permanent place of business, telephone number, tax I.D. a business license.
  • Insist on seeing copies of the contractor’s liability insurance coverage
  • Look for a company with a proven track record that readily offers client references .
  • Insist on a written quotation and examine it for complete descriptions of the work and specifications, including approximate starting and completion dates and payment.

Clydeside Roofing is committed to living up to this criteria and much more. If you are looking for a roof repair contractor please call us today at 0141 280 6617 or complete our online request form.